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New Quartal and Video Shop

Dear Yogvedis,

This week is the last week of the Quartal,

if you have missed any lessons, please compensate them this week.

If you have home office and and cannot come to the yoga school, you have five digital classes to practice yoga.

I would still encourage you to come to the yoga school for yoga classes.

There is a new Yoga Video shop now where you can rent a class video for the week for 72 hours for 5 francs so you can practice anytime and anywhere, there are even a lot of free yoga videos.

here is the banking information to pay for your next quartal.

Twint: 0786935088 Yogveda Phone nr.

For Bitcoin please let me know so i can send you a code.

CH70 0023 5235 4780 0901 P


Shahid Peer Khan

Kramgasse 78

3011 Bern

Kind Regards

Shahid Khan


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