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Pranayama in Bern

Yogveda Pranayama is a one-hour class that has been developed by Shahid Khan, a renowned expert in the field of yoga and pranayama. The class is divided into four parts that are designed to provide participants with a comprehensive experience of the benefits that pranayama has to offer.


The first part of the class is focused on relaxing the spine and opening up the breathing space, releasing tension in the neck nerves to allow for deeper breathing. The use of a bridge under the lower back and a neck nerve releaser helps to facilitate this process, making it easier for participants to breathe deeply and release any physical tension that may be blocking the breath.


The second part of the class involves lying down on the back and using the bridge, neck releaser and four weights of four kilos each on the abdomen to breath and strengthen the breathing muscles and diaphragm. This helps to improve the overall strength and function of the respiratory system, which can lead to better oxygenation of the body's cells and improved overall health. The use of weights on the abdomen helps to increase the intensity of the breath and makes it easier for the participant to feel their breath moving through their body.


The third part of the class is focused on using a breath trainer in the mouth to strengthen the exhalation muscles. This helps to improve the efficiency of the breathing process and can lead to better control over the breath during pranayama exercises. By strengthening the exhalation muscles, participants will be able to breathe out more fully, which can help to release any tension that may be held in the body.


Finally, in the fourth and final part of the class, participants engage in specific pranayama breathing exercises. These exercises have been developed by Shahid Khan, and are designed to help participants experience the full range of benefits that pranayama has to offer, including improved respiratory function, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased mental clarity and focus. Pranayama breathing exercises are also known for promoting balance in the body and mind, and for regulating the nervous system.


Overall, the Yogveda Pranayama class is an effective system that has been developed by Shahid Khan, and it is like no other yoga system. It provides a comprehensive and structured approach to learning and practicing pranayama, making it accessible and beneficial for people of all levels of experience. If you're looking to improve your breathing, increase your lung capacity, and build a better connection with your body and mind, the Yogveda Pranayama class is definitely something you should try. The class offers a holistic approach to yoga, that is beneficial for the body and mind, and it has been proven to be very effective.

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