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Sumer Class. New Videos. Yogveda T-shirts. Yoga Teacher Training 2021

Dear Yogvedis,

Finally, Now there are no restrictions for the Yoga classes anymore, now we can go back to our normal class routines. Is Anyone still interested in ZOOM YOGA lessons?

Please answer if you are, if not i can remove them.


The Summer Class will take place on the 2nd of August till the 8th of August.

The Topic for this years Summer Class is 3 seconds of reflection.

I will be teaching how 3 seconds of reflection can change the life on all levels.

In Asana, Pranayama, meditation how three seconds of reflection can change your life. Click on the image to book the Summer Class.


Last year we could not have a Teacher Training because of the lockdown but this year we will have one.

The New Teacher Training will start on the 2nd of October and will and in April 2022.

The Yogveda Yoga method is one of the best Yoga methods i the world, and this would not be an over statement.

send me a email if you are interested to start the Teacher Training in October.


There are some t-shirts on the way, they can be ordered in mens and women's sizes, Normal fit or Slim fit.

The price is 40 CHF and made to order, it takes about a week. Please be sure about your size and order.

Summer Class T-shirt

Baithak T-Shirt

Yogveda Wings

New Yoga Videos and New Videos every week.

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